Donation Ceremory at HuangShan City dated October 2001

( Hearing Aid device was donated to China by citizens of USA)

We come to foster people-to-people relations between China and Maine,USA

One touching experience during our Huangshan hiking tour was our visit to an orphanage in Tunxi that Tony Pau visits regularly. While we were there Tony delivered hearing aids to two children whose hearing was severly impaired when they were given the anti-biotic Gentamycin when they were small. It is not easy being the child of a poor family in China, but to also be severely handicapped makes life extremely difficult. The gift of hearing is priceless.

Jeff, the boy and his mother was very happy !

My husband, Jeff, presented a hearing aid to a boy named Shen Chun Hui - serving as the 'American representative' for an American couple who had provided the device. This nine year old is the son of a factory worker who makes very little and could not afford such an expensive purchase. The joy in the mother's eyes told everyone what an important day this was for the family.

With hearing aid the boy Shen Chun Hui , for the first time, could hear and count the beat ...

An eleven year old little girl named Zhang Mio also received a hearing aid while we were there. She lost her hearing when she was five years old due to the antibiotic. She comes from a very poor farming family that also has a son, three years younger, who is blind due to an accident.

In China, if a farming family's first born is a girl, the family is allowed to have a second child after three years. Unfortunately for this family both children became disabled. The gift of the hearing aid will help one of those children have a more normal life. In China, disabled children are rounded up in a disabled school where they are taught to use sign-language. Unfortunately, when they grow up they cannot communicate with the rest of the society so they cannot lead a normal life. These children have no future. The gift a hearing aid can mean a new beginning and a much better life.

by Mr & Mrs Jeffrey Van Fleet

Maine State


We come to foster people-to-people relations between China and Maine,USA





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