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Hiking is considered to be one of most commendable adventures nowadays. Hiking refers to a long and dynamic walk in certain countryside mostly in trails. If walking pertains to shorter distance, the longer versions are called

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hiking. The term hiking is also used in the United Kingdom along will hillwalking, well walking and rambling. Long walks are referred to as tramping in the New Zealand. This activity has a very remarkable popularity as studies claim that hiking can give many health benefits.

In other countries such as United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, hiking is a term used to describe long walking outdoor events either on or off trails for recreation. A day hike, as the name itself suggest, is a hike that commands a day in order to be completed. However, in Northern Ireland, such as Yorkshire and Lake District, mountain or hill walking events are called fell walking.

Long walk undertakings entails bushwhacking in Australia. To be specific, bushwhacking, pertains to difficult walks through rigorous settings such as dense bushes, undergrowth and forest or similar environment where in you need to deal with the hassle of pushing bushes to make it to the destination. In extreme situations, the participants make use of a machete in order to clear the way.

In mountainous regions such a Pakistan, South America, India, and North America, multi-day hikes are referred to as Trekking. This similar event is also called backpacking in North America. In spite of the diverse but relative definition of long walks in various countries, all of these entail the need to undergo long and rigorous walks.

United States

Going Up-Hill

One early manifestation of display of interest in long walks in the United States is when Abel Crawford along with his son set off for trail walks in Mount Washington way back in 1819. In connection to this, the oldest hiking trail in US is the 8.5-mile path. Around 1876, the oldest recreation organization in the United States has been established in order to protect the mountains and trails in the north-eastern part of the country.

Walking tours at present

Nowadays, hiking tours are carried out through long distance routes. Some of the best examples of long distance paths at present include the National Trail System in the United States, the National Trails in England and Wales and Grande Randonnee in France. Also, there are extensive systems in other countries in Europe as well as Germany, France, Austria, Nepal and Canada that comes with long distance tours.

In the late twentieth century, proliferation of both official long distance routes as well as unofficial trails has been established. Meaning, there is a higher possibility for present-day hikers to go for long distance trail instead of preferring walking tours. Some examples of long distance trails in the past include Pennine Way of Britain and Appalachian Trail in the United States. Furthermore, pilgrimage routes are also viewed as long distance routes by some walkers.


Top mountain view

The development of long walks took place way back in the eighteenth century. This time, the concept of taking a walk for pleasure through the countryside has been recognized. Due to the changing features of landscape and nature in general, this undertaking has arose. However, walking in the early times usually illuminate poverty and has also been linked to vagrancy.

United Kingdom

The idea of undertaking walks for the purpose of pleasure has become popular because of the efforts of an English clergyman namely Thomas West. This concept has been featured in the clergyman’s guide to the 1778 Lake District. In this work, he introduced the quest of visiting the lake with the help of a guide. With this, in-depth points of view and stations have been included. To conclude his work, the writer also included different viewpoints and stations around the lake. As such, it would encourage tourists to appreciate the features with respect to the aesthetic qualities.

Another popular personality who has encouraged walks for pleasure was an English poet named William Wordsworth. Way back in 1970, he boarded on extended tours of Switzerland, Germany and France which has been substantially included in his works. His popular poem entitled Tintern Abbey has been a product of a Wye Valley Visit as culminated to the Walking Tour of Wales way back in 1978. Later in the next year, Wordsworth and one of his friends undertook 3-week tour at the Lake District.

From that time on, the number of people who became interested to undertake walking tours around the nineteenth century has continuously increased. It has continued up to the twentieth century with the sub-genre of travel writings as one of the major literary tools for the establishment of the fame of present –day hiking.

Because of the industrialization projects undertaken in England, the communities have been oriented to a place that is of low standard when it comes to cleanliness. In order to break off from this dilemma, people would undertake rambling through the countryside.


In the middle of the hill

Since hiking is a rigorous event, walkers need equipment along their way. The most common equipment in undertaking long walking events is a magnetic pocket compass used to trace locations. However, there are also other important equipment usually depending on the duration of the hiking event. But in general, hikers need to bring with them a map, rain-proof gear, water and food. They usually wear durable hiking boots for backpacking as well as mountain walking as protection from the rigorous terrains.

For maximum safety and protection of hikers, the Mountaineers Club suggests list of essential hiking equipment which include sunglasses, flashlight, first aid kits, gloves, hats, emergency blanket, insect repellent, and navigation device.

However, ultra backpacking proponents claim that the long list of these items could be very weighty to hikers which will be additional burden for them. With this, they argue to reduce pack weight in order to make the hiking process easier.

Overall, hiking is a one –of-a kind adventure. While you are interested to join to any long distance waking in the near future, make sure that you are physically and mentally adept in facing the possible challenges along the way.