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'Tibetan culture week' opens in Moscow

by:Zheng Peng 2007-09-07 11:05:57

The press conference of "2007 China Tibetan Culture Week" was held in China Press Center in Moscow, capital of Russia on September 6, photo from Xinhua, September 6.

The Buddhist Association of China Tibet branch president Dupkang¡¤Tupden Kedup attended the conference, photo from Xinhua, September 6.

"2007 China Tibetan Culture Week" was held in Moscow, capital of Russia and Elista, capital of Kalmykiya Republic from September 6 to 16.



'China Tibetan Culture Week' unveils in Moscow

by:Zheng Peng 2007-09-09 10:18:29

The opening ceremony of "2007 China Tibetan Culture Week" was held in Moscow, capital of Russia on September 6, photo from Xinhua, September 6.

Delegates of Russia and Buddhist Association of China Tibet branch visit Tibet photo exhibition, photo from Xinhua, September 6.

The "2007 China Tibetan Culture Week" was held in Moscow on September 6, it's a part of China "national year" in Moscow. Vice Prime Minister of China and Russia sent congratulatory letters for the culture week.



A dialogue for Tibetan culture in Russia

by:Sophia Zhang 2007-09-12 10:24:55

A vivid dialogue for China Tibetan Culture Week was organized in Moscow, capital of Russia. One side is about 30 Russian dressed in business suits while the other side is two Tibetan Buddhas in Tibetan robes.

As one of the serial activities of 2007 China Tibetan Culture Week, "Dialogue with Living Buddha" has attracted delegates from all walks of life including foreign affairs, science and enterprises. They have discussed with Dupkang?Tupden Kedup, head of TAR Buddhism Association and Dadrak Tenzin Geleg, vice-head of TAR Buddhism Association for Tibetan society, economy and religion.

It was the first time for most Russian to meet a Buddha and they raised many questions. "What kind of people can become a Buddha? Does the Buddha receive education? What is the daily life of a Buddha?" The two Tibetan Buddhas have answered the above questions in detail and they also popularized the regulations for special reincarnation of Tibetan living Buddhas for Tibetan Buddhism.

Zhukova, CEO of Cooperation and Development Fund between China and Russia is one of the few females for the activity. When she got the answer that there was some female Buddha in Tibet to her question, Zhukova applauded with other attendees.

The two Buddhas offered white Hada (a kind of scarf to express best wishes) to the attendees to bless them good luck.

Doctor Norwich Calle, the researcher from Institute of Far East in Russia said that both the Russian Government and Russian people were interested in Tibet and he hoped the Chinese and Russian religion organizations can cooperate for more exchange.

A reporter from "Russia & China, 21st Century" who covers the whole process of 2007 China Tibetan Culture Week holds that "Dialogue with Living Buddha" is a useful activity and to communicate face to face is the effective way to strengthen the friendship.



'Wunderbar Home' performs in Moscow

by:Zheng Peng 2007-09-09 10:23:52


Performers play in Tibetan singing and dancing poem "Wunderbar Home'" in Moscow, capital of Russia, photo from Xinhua, September 7. The performance is part of series "2007 China Tibetan Culture Week" held in Moscow at present.



" A Breathe of Fresh Air "

to foster people-to-people relations between China and USA

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  To clarify: Dalai Lama and his so called "Tibet independence

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