A Gift of Friendship

 ( to foster people-to-people relations between Oregon and China )

This Hearing aid was donated by Elizabeth Hill of Warrenton, Oregon 


On November 1, 2003 our group went, on behalf of Elizabeth Hill, to donate Hearing Aid to a disabled child in FuNing,China.

The disabled child was selected, often from remote villages, as the candidate to receive the hearing aid donation.

Then, the child was sent to a local Audiologist to examine and test the hearing loss, so as to obtain an Audiogram.

With the Audiogram as prescription, a suitable Hearing Aid was presented in person to the disabled child.


 Ellie Gee(daughter of Elizabeth Hill) and Song ZhiPing,(the child to receive Hearing Aid)


Teacher of Song ZhiPing adjusting the hearing aid.

Various tunes from electronic organ to verify hearing ability.  


Our group with Song ZhiPing


 Song ZhiPing, her father, our Group and administration of her school.


Song ZhiPing, with the hearing aid, will receive instruction from a professional Speech Pathologist and learn how to talk.

Eventually she will graduate from the disabled children school and join a regular public school.

Elizabeth Hill has changed the future of Song ZhiPing and the fate of her whole life.



Those who want to learn more about this and future event please contact Tony at email : info@china-hiking.com



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