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Denali Explorer - Tour IB5


Departure Date: May 23, 2014

Travel Sequence: Hiking Tour first, then Cruise

Number of Days: 12 (7 cruise, 5 tour)

featuring 5-night Land Hiking Tour with 7-night Voyage of the Glaciers cruise

1-night Anchorage

2-night Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge,

and 2-nights Denali Princess Lodge.


Ship: Island Princess


Voyage Departure Port: Anchorage (Whittier), Alaska


Itinerary: 2219



Why join our group to go Hiking in Alaska?

1. Value: I am an official Booking Agent of Princess Cruise Line

So you are invited to enjoy our special group discount fares

Select your own desired low- or high-cost type of staterooms.

In registration you pay online directly to Princess Cruise Line,

so you have complete privacy and control (i.e. including cancellation)

and full support from an experienced Travel Agent on hand.

2.Compatibility: go with hikers of similar interests/desires

Each one is eager to share their rare global hiking experience

We will spend five days hiking deep in the inland of Alaska

while staying in some Princess own luxury wilderness Lodges

We'll ask land-tour guides to lead our group on special hiking routes

To enjoy Beauty of Nature (Wildlife, Glaciers and Mountains)

3.Safety: Hiking with experienced and well prepared hikers

Hikers who know how to handle various difficult situations

With wilderness First Aid and CPR training and experience



Glacier Bay National Park cruising

Direct to the Wilderness Rail Service

Natural History Tour into Denali National Park

4 nights in the Denali area

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Video to learn more about Alaska

Experience Alaska Video

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 Day 1 will be May 23, 2014


  Port arrival and departure times are approximate and subject to change without notice. For more information review the Passage Contract .


Weather for Ports and Cities

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Video to learn more about Lodges

Alaska Lodges Video

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Each stateroom type has a different CruiseTour price.

(i.e. Interior stateroom type CruiseTour price is $1,948.00

or Suite stateroom type CruiseTour price is $3,678.00

you can select any type of stateroom and still be part of our group )


CruiseTour Flight




  Info dated 2013-11-04

 Above Airfare changes all the time, only for your information


CruiseTour Excursion

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Total Trip Cost = CruiseTour + Airfare + Excursion(option)


 The above listing is only an example for easy calculation.


For our CruiseTour you can select stateroom from $2,123.00 to $3,063.00

with total tour prices $3,265.33 to $4,205.33 and still be part of our group.


We offer to buy airfare eZAir directly from Princess Cruise

Such airfare is covered by Princess VACATION PROTECTION

Carefree Vacation: both Cruise & Airfare insured by Princess


To learn more about Airfare, Cancellation and Insurance

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After you have decided on Stateroom and Airfare,

we can make your reservation for you


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This Adventure is to enjoy, in style, the balance among good food,

refreshing hiking (with the right companions of similar interests)

and Beauty of Nature (ie Wildlife, Glaciers and Mountains of Alaska).


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