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China Hiking Adventure Inc. licensed under the Ontario Government Travel Agency Act TICO for your financial protection. Our TICO registration number is 50015540. To check us out you can phone TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario) at 905-624-6241. This is the travel industry regulating body which maintains a bonding insurance to protect consumers' funds.


Telephone number: (416) 605-7479

E-mail: info@China-Hiking.com


We are located at :

One Yonge Street Suite 1801

Toronto, ON


Postal Address: China Hiking Adventure Inc.

P. O. Box 5967

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M5W 1P4


 Our TICO number is 50015540.

Legal Travel Agents are welcome.



Booking information:

Let us know and we will be happy to make reservation for you.

Through us, you buy directly from Princess Cruise.

You are in complete control after cruise registration.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What are our Office Hours?

Office hours are 9.00am - 6.00 pm EST Mon to Fri and 10.00 - 4.00 Sat (closed on holiday week-ends).

The best way to contact us is by email.


How many people are in the groups?

The ideal number is about 12. We do not require a minimum number of participants in any of our packages.


How long have we been in business?

We have been in business since 1996.


Credit cards:

We accept VISA. Princess accepts all types of major credit cards.

 Prices of holidays are based on current rates of exchange. We guarantee the price in spite of currency fluctuations.




 We offer to buy airfare eZAir directly from Princess Cruise

Such airfare is covered by Princess VACATION PROTECTION

Carefree Vacation: both Cruise & Airfare insured by Princess(1)



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Passengers who book airfare through our innovative Princess eZAirSM service now have the benefit of real-time, competitively-priced flights that perfectly complement your schedule and cruise itinerary. With Princess eZAir, you can seamlessly coordinate your air travel with your cruise itinerary. Unlike booking airfare through other online tools, Princess eZAir also protects you in the event of an airline delay with Next Port Protection. If passengers miss or will miss their original port of departure due to airline delay or an airline service disruption, such as flight cancelation or flight re-routes, Princess will work with the airlines to find a reasonable alternative to provide flights to the next appropriate port at no cost to the passenger.
It's part of our continuing commitment to make your vacation as carefree as possible.

Some of the advantages of Princess eZAir include:

Competitive rates
Choose from a selection of flight options in real-time with prices comparable to most major airline retailers.

Next Port Protection
Take comfort in knowing that Princess is available 24 hours a day to help route you to the next appropriate port of call if your flight is delayed or cancelled - at no extra air cost to the passenger.

Two pricing options
Choose from two pricing options based on your travel needs: Flexible - for those less certain of their travel arrangements, or Restricted - with typically lower rates for those with more certainty in their travel plans. And, you can compare both pricing options side-by-side to determine what option best matches your travel needs.

No customization fee
You can choose your desired airline, exact flight schedule, cabin level, seating arrangements and requested ancillary services with no extra customization fee.


You can book your flights elsewhere and still be part of our group.





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You must have your own Insurance coverage, which is not included in our travel packages.

We offer you to buy insurance directly from Princess Cruise.

You can buy your insurance elsewhere and still be part of our group.  


You never know what might put your vacation investment at risk. The last thing you want to think about is what would happen if you became ill or injured while away from home.

Put your mind at ease with Princess Vacation Protection

Fortunately, Princess Vacation Protection can protect you from unforeseeable losses stemming from an array of circumstances, and even allows you to cancel your vacation for any reason at all. Princess Vacation Protection is a comprehensive package of benefits comprised of the following: the Princess Cancellation Fee Waiver, the Princess Travel Insurance and the Princess Worldwide Emergency Assistance Programs.

Princess Vacation Protection is available for purchase on all Princess Cruises, Princess Cruisetours, Princess Alaska Land Tours and Princess Canadian Rockies Land Tours, and is available at two levels: Princess Vacation Protection and Princess Platinum Vacation Protection.

The Princess Vacation Protection package of benefits, like many travel protection programs, will refund 100% of your otherwise nonrefundable cancellation fees in the event of an emergency. Yet unlike similar programs, Princess Vacation Protection allows you to cancel your vacation no matter what the reason.

Even if the reason for your cancellation does not qualify you for a full refund under the Special Cruise Enhancement Feature of the Princess Cancellation Fee Waiver Program, you will receive 75% of the non-refundable fees in the form of a credit toward your next Princess vacation. That's a service unique to Princess Vacation Protection.

And for those wanting even more peace of mind, Princess Platinum Vacation Protection doubles the limits of benefits for Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation, Accident & Sickness Medical Expense and Baggage/Personal Effects coverage under the Princess Travel Insurance Program and also increases the Special Cancellation Enhancement Feature of the Princess Cancellation Fee Waiver Program's cancellation credit to 100% of the non-refundable fees.

With Princess Vacation Protection/Platinum Vacation Protection, if passengers are delayed pre-cruise for a covered reason, they are eligible for up to $500 per person to cover costs associated with catching up to the cruise. If they're delayed post-cruise for a covered reason, they are eligible for up to $1,500 per person to cover associated costs. Alternatively, if passengers opt to cancel their cruise after being delayed, under the Princess Cancellation Fee Waiver Program's Special Cancellation Enhancement they are eligible to receive cruise credits of 75% for Standard Vacation Protection and 100% for Platinum Vacation Protection.

Princess Vacation Protection is available for purchase up to the final payment due date of the voyage, even if your booking is already paid in full. So protect your investment with Princess Vacation Protection or Princess Platinum Vacation Protection!

If you have any questions or require additional information, please call Berkely, the program administrator for Princess Vacation Protection, at 1-877-846-8833.



Don't gamble with your vacation! Protect your investment with a vacation protection program which will reimburse 100% of your otherwise non-refundable cancellation fees in the event you must cancel your cruise due to a covered emergency. And, unlike similar programs, Princess Vacation Protection also allows you to cancel your vacation no matter the reason. Even if the purpose of your cancellation does not qualify you for a full refund under the plan, you will still receive 75% of the non-refundable fees in the form of a credit towards your next Princess cruise.

For those wanting even more peace of mind, Platinum Vacation Protection doubles the limits of certain benefits and increases the voluntary cancellation credit to 100% of the non-refundable fees. While both programs come with lost baggage protection, Princess Platinum Vacation Protection will even double those limits if your luggage is lost.

In the event that you did not purchase Princess Vacation Protection (available until you've made final payment and entered the period where cancellation fees apply) and if Princess Vacation Protection is no longer available for your booking, you have the option to purchase Princess Medical Only Protection which offers sickness and accident benefits, emergency evacuation and repatriation coverage and 24/7 worldwide assistance.

Talk to your Travel Agent about Princess Vacation Protection today.



Princess offers services to transport you to and from the ship from the local airport usually in the form of a motorcoach or van. This very convenient transportation can be arranged through your Travel Agent.



Cancellation Policy:


Cancellation Fee Schedule - Spring 2009 through Spring 2012


You are in complete control after your registration


General Information
last updated 10/29/10

All items are subject to cancellation fees, excluding the following items:

  • Government Fees & Taxes
  • Fuel Supplement
  • Shore and land excursions
  • Most special service items

Cancellation fees vary based on the voyage length and time of cancellation. "All items" include cruise or cruisetour fare, ticketed air, and pre-cruise and post-cruise hotel packages. Princess Vacation Protection is part of the cancellation fees as soon as cancellation fees begin (even if the cancellation fees being prior to final payment date). Air customization fees are not refundable once added to the booking.

Days below refer to days prior to Cruise or Land Package Departure date, whichever comes first.

Cancellation Fee

Cruises 5 days or less

Non-Holiday 6 - 29 Days

up to 29 days including World Cruise Segments of 29 days or less

30-day+ sailings including World Cruise & segments of 30+ days

Items Assessed


60+ Days

75+ Days

90+ Days

120+ Days



59-43 Days

74-57 Days

89-64 Days

119-90 Days

Cruise Fare & PVP

50% of Total Charges

42-29 Days

56-29 Days

63-43 Days

89-64 Days

All Items

75% of Total Charges

28-15 Days

28-15 Days

42-22 Days

63-43 Days

All Items

100% of Total Charges

Within 14 Days

Within 14 Days

Within 21 Days

Within 42 Days

All Items

*Christmas or New Year's

NOTE: As early as 75 days prior to a sailing, Air Change Fees may apply if you remove the air from a booking. For details on Air Change Fees, contact Princess. Note that once a booking hits 50% cancellation fees, the Air Change Fees will no longer apply.

Please note International booking policies may vary.



OneSource View

When passengers cancel a booking within cancellation fee periods with ticketed air, the refunds passengers receive for ticketed air will not include the following:
  • Any air customization fee(s) paid
  • A service fee, independent of any air customization fee(s), of $50 per person (for voyages in North America) or $75 per person (for international voyages)
  • Any cancellation fees charged to Princess by the airlines

Refunds will occur after the airline cancellation fees have been assessed. In the event a paper air ticket was issued and the air tickets are not returned to Princess, the value of the ticket or the add-on, whichever is greater, will be charged 100% regardless of which cancellation fee period the passenger is in.


 This company is managed by Certified Travel Manager (CTM).

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